MG2000i 2000W Generator

  • MG OHV engine, efficient and highly reliable. Ensures an easy and smooth startup in any condition.
  • “ECO drive” mode, automatically adjusts the engine rpm to the load connected at all times, allows fuel saving especially at low loads.
  • Automatic shutdown due to lack of oil, protects the engine from serious damage in case of no or low level of lubricating oil.
  • Light and portable, only 20kg for a 2000W powerful generator. Allows transportation by only one person.
  • Low noise level, more respectful on urban or semi-urban environments. Best for you… best for others.
  • Forced air recirculation system, allows better cooling and an optimum air intake temperature for combustion.
  • Integral control panel, designed to keep all controls in the same area to facilitate the startup of the equipment.
  • Power output of high quality; voltage and frequency remain fully stable, just as harmonic distortion is almost negligible. These features make it compatible with any electronic equipment regardless the demanding your power discrimination system can be.
  • Overload and short circuit protection with automatic power shut-off. Protects the generator from inadequate or in poor condition equipment usage.
  • Internal digital time counter for supervising working hours, allows the management of the program for preventive maintenance in a comfortable and easy way.
  • 12V DC socket, ideal for charging small motorcycle type batteries.
  • MGA 2 year total warranty including labor, transportation and spare parts*.

* 1 year warranty for the machines invoiced to companies, cooperatives, partnerships or any other legal character different to a particular consumer.

MG2000i Diagram

MG2000i Explode Generator

MG2000i Motor Explode