SG Group

SG Group is a Spanish company founded in 2008, with headquarters located in Calahorra, La Rioja. From our beginnings we are specialized in manufacturing of portable electric generators, and all kind of machinery powered by heat engines.

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The five keys to our success:





Pre-Sales Service

After-Sales Service

Our headquarter exceed 6000 square meters, where there are our warehouses of finished products and spare part.

Central Headquarter

Our modern facilities include assembly lines, workshops, soundproof testing rooms, load simulators for gen sets, suction and recirculation text system for hydraulic machines, laboratories and all kind of services for the technical area.

Modern Facilities

Annexed to the general warehouse are our headquarter offices which use over than 400 square meters, spread in 3 floors, where from this moment we are ready to assist and show you how many thing we can do together.

Headquarter Offices

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