MG4500E 4500W Generator

  • MGA420CC EURO V engine, professional line; efficiency and durability guaranteed.
  • Digital panel with voltage output, frequency and working hours indicator.
  • Automatic shutdown due to lack of oil, protects the engine from seriou damage in case no or low leve lubricating oil.
  • High capacity fuel tank (13L). Greater autonomy with fewer refills.
  • High quality all copper winding alternator, longer lifespan, greater startup capacity of the inductive material, greater tolerance to overload or over temperature, infinitely more resistant to environmental corrosion.
  • Electronic voltage regulation, ensures a correct and stable voltage at all times.
  • Overload protection by breaker.
  • Manual start by rope and electric start (allows starting up only by pushing a button), free of charge battery included*
  • 2 one-phase sockets of 16A (IP44).
  • MGA 2 year total warranty including labor, transportation and spare parts*.

* The battery is delivered free of charge and is not included in the price of the machine therefore is not covered by the warranty. If you don’t want to receive the free of charge battery, indicate it at the moment you make your order.

* 1 year warranty for the machines invoiced to companies, cooperatives, partnerships or any other legal character different to a particular consumer.

MG4500E Generator Diagram

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