MG1000 800W Generator

  • MG OHV engine, efficient and highly reliable. Ensures an easy and smooth startup in any condition.
  • High quality all copper winding alternator.
  • Automatic shutdown due to lack of oil, protects the engine from serious damage in case of no or low level of lubricating oi.
  • Light and portable, only 22 kg for a 800W powerful generator. Allows transportation by only one person.
  • Electronic voltage regulation, ensures a correct and stable voltage at all times.
  • Overload protection by breaker.
  • 12V DC socket, ideal for charging small motorcycle type batteries, it includes loading clips.
  • MGA 2 year total warranty including labor, transportation and spare parts*.

* 1 year warranty for the machines invoiced to companies, cooperatives, partnerships or any other legal character different to a particular consumer.

MG1000 Generator Diagram

MG1000 Generator Explode

MG1000 Motor Explode